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TextMarks SMS Text Message Alerts

Whether you manage a group of 50 in one building, or remote staff in several locations, TextMarks helps you quickly and easily communicate important information instantly via text message.  Send emergency notifications, alerts on weather, security issues, special event reminders and more to hundreds of employees at once. 

Why is mass texting so effective?

    Nearly everybody has a phone within reach 24/7.
    Send notifications that are timely and require immediate attention.
    Low cost way to reach people where they are and cut through digital noise.

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Features and Benefits

The easy-to-use web-based TextMarks messaging solution is ready to meet your needs.

  • Mass Notifications

    Send alerts to all your employees, individual departments or a single staff member.
  • Scheduled Alerts

    Broadcast your alerts to send immediately or schedule them for a specific time and date.
  • Mobile Sending

    Send alerts from your mobile phone, from anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy to Use

    Manage your messages with our easy-to-use web interface. TextMarks is a fully hosted solution so there is nothing to download, nothing to install.
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97% of subscribers read their text messages within minutes of receiving them.
Source: Mobile Marketing Association

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